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Crooners, Robocalls, Hippies & Ghosts

The Statute of Liberty CourtesyPhotographs in the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.
The Statute of Liberty CourtesyPhotographs in the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

If you haven’t learned anything new today, you are not paying attention….” 

I’ve paid attention all month and so far have learned the following:

  • There are ghosts on my street–and they dance! Not really.  Explanation: Sewer grates line the street. On cold nights steam rises out of the sewer, a sight you cannot see with the naked eye.  My car’s headlights bounced off the steam the other night and made it look like ghosts dancing along the street.  I saw it first at the bottom of my hill; it unnerved me, ever so slightly. The second time, mid-hill, I gasped; there was a pattern here!  As I pulled into my drive way, which also has a grate, I put two and two together.  And, astutely realized what was causing this amazing apparition.
  • The cruel acts of terrorists have been a part of my life since I was a little kid watching the 1972 Olympics. Around the same time, I first heard James Taylor sing You Got a Friend. It played on WKBW radio as I snooped around my much older sister’s room. She was a hippy. I found a metal film canister filled with some weird dried weed. I was a kid and assumed it was illegal. I thought for sure she was going to get busted and hauled off to jail. I definitely needed James Taylor’s friendship at that point.  Not sure if that’s really what the French needed from their staunch ally, the US, after 72 hours of terror on the streets of Paris.  They gave us the Statue of Liberty—the quintessential symbol of freedom ̶ and we offer them some old has-been, crooning in our native tongue. Think if the French had sent Maurice Chevalier over after 9/11 and he sang a tune from Gigi-in French!  A little strange–oui?
  • The Do Not Call Registry is total hokum. I took an afternoon off from work to watch movies with my daughter.  The phone rang continually throughout the movie—and none of the numbers were friends or even acquaintances.  I feel badly for the person on the other end, well, if it is a person.  With caller ID does anyone answer the phone anymore?
  • Black ice and my backside are magnetic.
  • There is nothing more pleasing than to be outside in sub-zero temperatures and actually be hot. It takes oodles of layers and plenty of physical activity, but it is definitely well worth the work!
  • I am reading an excellent book Bohemians Bootleggers Flappers and Swells, edited by Graydon Carter. It is a book of essays published in Vanity Fair from 1914 to the  mid-1930’s.  It makes me very happy.  Great years—no television, no instant or constant news, no cell phones.   And the written word was, oh, so well written!
  • There is nothing like tomato soup and grilled cheese together.
  • Trying Frisian Bread again today–with shortening 😉

That’s it for now.

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